Fire Threatens the Survival of the Critically Endangered Giant Squeaker Frog

Arthroleptis krokosua_juvenile

With less than a week before the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition, our team around the world has been busy preparing for our rigorous frog-saving campaigns in West Africa. To our dismay, we received terrible news last night from our friends in Ghana. Continue reading

Please Support my Wildlife Conservation Efforts in Ghana

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A couple of days after I arrived to Ghana, I met this boy. I was working on my computer at a cafe and he approached me. You see, he was curious about the many frog stickers on my laptop (who doesn’t love frog stickers?), so of course I started teaching him about frogs! We looked at photos on my computer and he learned about many amazing amphibian species that I have seen on my travels. When this photo was taken I was still painfully jet lagged and quite disoriented from being in a new country, but I consider this moment to be one of my most precious memories. The joy in the boy’s eyes empowers my efforts and motivates me to keeping working. I hope I inspired him to care a little bit more about the amazing animals we share our world with…

This moment happened in 2013. During this time I had traveled to Ghana and I worked directly with the inspirational staff at SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana and together we spread the word about amphibian declines and educated thousands of Ghanaians about frogs and their importance to our environment. I campaigned and met with tribal leaders to protect the critically endangered Togo Slippery Frog, which survives on only two streams on the planet — both of which are under threat of mountaintop removal mining and illegal logging.
Now I am going back.
Since 2010, I have worked to spread SAVE THE FROGS’ message of amphibian conservation and I have trained students and teachers to better protect the planet. As of writing this, I have given 164 presentations about amphibian ecology and conservation to nearly 10,000 people in six countries. I also coordinate Save The Frogs Day, the world’s largest day of amphibian education. Since 2009 our supporters have held over 1,200 Save The Frogs Day events, educating tens of thousands of people about the importance of frogs and ways to protect amphibian populations.
In September I will co-lead the SAVE THE FROGS! Expedition to Ghana and this is by far the greatest wildlife conservation effort I have ever participated in. I invite you to join me by supporting this incredible effort to restore fragile ecosystems and to empower a nation to protect amphibian populations and the environment.

Please read further to learn more about my work in 2013 and about the upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! Expedition to Ghana:

Thank you for your support!

Last Chance to Join Save The Frogs in Ghana

We have seven spots available on the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition ( ), taking place in West Africa, September 11th-27th, 2016. If you would like to join us on this once in a lifetime adventure, please let us know by June 12th, after which we will not be accepting any further expressions of interest.

If you join us in Ghana you will be with a team of amphibian experts from Ghana, Bangladesh, Mexico, Paraguay, Ecuador and the USA. Our group will find and photograph amazing amphibians; educate and empower the next generation of African amphibian conservationists; and expand the work of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana. We will restore habitat and meet with village chiefs, politicians, teachers and schoolchildren. We will train SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana volunteers and visit national parks and threatened habitats. This will be an amazing cultural and educational experience for all involved.

The expedition fee is $3,995, which covers your lodging, meals, in-country transportation, and park fees. Your expedition fee also covers the cost of one of our expert amphibian biologists’ airfare to and from Ghana. This biologist will be personally assigned to you during the expedition to answer all your amphibious questions; your sponsorship of this biologist ensures they can join us in Ghana and take the knowledge they gain back to their home country to assist amphibians for many years to come.

This is the final call for you to be a part of the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition. We would be delighted to have you join us in Ghana for this once in a lifetime experience.

If you would like to join us in Ghana, please read the Expedition Summary at and then send an expression of interest to either Dr. Kerry Kriger ( or myself ( by June 12th.

This is the Night Spirit Frog, Leptopelis spiritusnoctis, from Ghana. So cool!

This is what we will do on the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition

For 17 days our expedition team will travel throughout Ghana:
(1) Conducting educational programs;
(2) Searching for endangered rainforest frogs;
(3) Restoring habitat for endangered amphibians;
(4) Exchanging knowledge with Ghanaian biologists; and
(5) Working to improve and accelerate amphibian conservation efforts in Ghana.

Download the full itinerary here:

This is a once in a lifetime experience!

If you join us, then you are encouraged to take an active role in the educational and habitat restoration activities, but you are also welcome to merely take photos and enjoy this once in a lifetime travel experience. Participants will gain valuable professional experience, personal fulfillment, new friends and deeper cultural understanding.

Youth Empowerment Action Camp is only two months away!

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is an amazing opportunity for young people who want to make the world a better place for people, the environment, and for animals. Last year I was a YEA Camp counselor and I cannot recommend this program enough! This program creates future game changers and I have personally seen the development of so many inspiring youth who are working wonders to foster a society that is compassionate, insightful and active at tackling some of our world’s biggest issues. If you are interested and want more information, feel free to contact me about this life changing experience or learn more here:


Happy Save The Frogs Day

Over the past year I have been coordinating Save The Frogs Day and it brings me great joy to announce that today there are 110 events celebrating amphibians in 27 countries around the world.
I hope you can join me in celebrating these amazing with me today. Happy Save The Frogs!