Sacramento: Save Our Sharks!

On Wednesday, February 6th, at 8:30 AM the California Fish and Wildlife (form. Game) Commission will meet to discuss the listing of the Great White Shark as an endangered species in California waters.

Great White Shark, Hungry Eye Images, Frederic BuylePhoto: Frederic Buyle/Hungry Eye Images

With only about 300 White Sharks left along our coast, it is crucial to grant greater protection for this seriously misunderstood animal. White Sharks are declining in numbers and they play an integral role in balancing the food web. In California, most apex predators have been extirpated from the land, let’s not lose them in the water! If you would like to attend the hearing, please let me know! Your support for this amazing species is greatly needed… so stand up, speak up, and save our sharks!

If you cannot attend the hearing, please write a letter to show your support for Great White Shark conservation: Take Action Now!



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