Save Lake Erie’s Fowler Toads!

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources recently approved permits for developers to build a non-essential 12-story condominium and shopping complex on top of Fowler’s Toad habitat at Crystal Beach on the shores of Lake Erie. The toads are protected under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, and construction of the building would undoubtedly cause irreparable harm to the toad population, which is one of the last that remains in Canada. To make matters worse, the government completely disregarded over 1,700 letter from SAVE THE FROGS! supporters and failed to change even a single line of the permitting requirements, giving the developers free rein to “damage and destroy” the toad’s habitat and to “harm, harass, kill, and collect the toads”. Canada’s federal government is now seeking public comment on their Fowler’s Toad Recovery Strategy, and we need you to make your voice heard! Please click this link to send your letter:

Please send this letter to Canada’s politicians and tell them to save Lake Erie’s Toads by revoking the flawed building permits.

Learn more about the issue and ways you can help at and share this blog post to your friends and colleagues. Thank you for your support and together we can save the toads!

Lake Erie Fowler's Toad, Bufo fowleri



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