Rattlesnake season is here! Respect the snakes!

It’s rattlesnake season! Do rattlesnakes live in your neighborhood? Don’t be afraid! These snakes fear YOU more than you fear them, so give the snakes a break! It’s pretty warm out so the snakes are out and about! Be snake aware by following these simple steps toward being snake safe:

(1) Watch where you step!
When playing in the yard or gardening, be conscious of where you put your hands and feet. Snakes like to curl up in dark, quiet places during the heat of the day. In the early morning and evenings the snakes will move around to search for prey.
(2) Clean up your property!
Do you have boards, debris or trash lying around the yard? CLEAN IT UP! A board on the ground is a PERFECT hangout for a snake. Keep your place tidy and the snakes won’t come around your place. Rattlesnakes are predators, so if you keep your property rodent free then the snakes will leave as well.
(3) Respect the snake!
If you find a snake, leave it be! Do you know how lucky you are to have a rattlesnake near you? These snakes are incredible! They are the most highly evolved of all snakes and they serve an integral part in the ecosystem by keeping rodent populations under control. Lastly, remember this: You moved into THEIR backyard (rattlesnakes have been around for thousands of years). So, let’s coexist peacefully, eh?

If you follow these simple steps then you and the snakes can live in peace. So, give the snakes a brake and appreciate these awesome animals! ❤

Crotalus scutulatus, Mojave Rattlesnake, Mojave Green,
Mojave Rattlesnake, Crotalus scutulatus


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