1916: Naturalist and preservationist, John Muir, went for a “1,000 mile walk” to the Gulf of Mexico. On one particular day in the South, Muir reflected upon a group of alligators basking in the midday sun. He thought about how these animals are persecuted by man as they are feared and because they are not fully understood. At that moment, he came to this conclusion: “I think that most of the antipathies which haunt and terrify us are morbid productions of ignorance and weakness.” I concur with the sentiments of Muir and this evening I found myself reflecting on this very thought as I moved this beautiful Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, Crotalus oreganus, from the road and off into the adjacent forest. Some would go out of their way to cause harm to this innocent creature and most would certainly not stop to save it from another car passing by. Tonight this snake met fortune and he will live another day to be wild and free. It is important to understand that his destiny is his own and that is truly a wonderful thing to respect about these amazing animals.

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Because of such persecution, hatred, and relentless demonization of these incredible creatures, I have started a new project: SAVE THE SNAKES! I am happy to report that SAVE THE SNAKES! is now officially launched. SAVE THE SNAKES! is a non-profit organization dedicated to snake conservation. Our mission is to promote a society that respects and appreciates snake species around the world and to provide a safe and humane rattlesnake removal service in the Bay Area of California. More updates to come and thank you for your support.

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