Travel Far and Wide


What is travel?

Travel is defined as the experience of moving from one geographic location to another (i.e. Getting from Point A to Point B). However, for those of us who do travel, then you know it is much more than that… It’s a journey for not only the body, but it’s a quest for the spirit, for the mind, and definitely for the soul! Get OUT there. Climb a mountain. Speak another’s language. Eat a weird looking fruit. Partake in something that makes you uncomfortable (you’ll never regret the experience). Listen to a story. Get muddy and smelly. Observe another species in its natural habitat and marvel at its freedom. Make a friend that is different than all the rest. Watch as many sunrises as possible. Double that amount with the sunsets. Get jacked from the fragrance of a flower you’ve never see before. Listen. Learn. Live.

Feel: tired, excited, nervous, scared, happy, sad, lonely, loved, and all other feelings that associate themselves with a new experience abroad. Liberate yourself from all that holds you back. Kids? Work? Goldfish? Bring them with you and make it work. You’ll be delighted by the company and the accomplishment of a “not possible” becoming a “I’m so glad I did!”

We are a migratory species by nature… Indulge in that fact and enjoy this beautiful world while we still can. Always be positive, always be moving, and always be eager to see what’s around the corner. Now, go have an adventure.

I’m off to Belize again. Expect updates. And frogs. Oh, how there will be frogs.


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