Bloggin’ in Belize: The gringo returns to the forest.

Literally as I write this entry, insects are flying into my eyes, geckos are skittering about on the ceiling, and I just watched a dog consume a large Orthopteran (aka Grasshopper). Yep. It’s good to be back.

Why am I in Belize? Currently I am managing the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (TREES). TREES is a field research station located on 200 acres of pristine rainforest centered in the heart of the Maya Mountains in Belize, Central America. Besides maintaining a working research station, my duties include coordinating interns to conduct research on the property, implementing research techniques in order to gather data on tropical forest species, preparation and maintenance of materials and equipment for experiments, conducting day and night surveys in adverse conditions (rivers, dense jungle, etc), handling and removing venomous snakes off site, trapping of mammals, amphibians and reptiles and gathering morphometric data.

And… I watch puppies eat things.


This is Sammi. Besides watching her eat grasshopper after grasshopper, tonight I pulled a Marine Toad from her mouth (which probably saved her life). Last week she attempted to EAT a coral snake. This dog has a death wish, but not on my watch! The one below? That’s Eva. Pretty much her job description consists of looking pretty and cuddling. 


My plan is to blog DAILY. Stay tuned. Expect updates. And Snakes. Oh, how there will be snakes.


2 thoughts on “Bloggin’ in Belize: The gringo returns to the forest.

  1. Glad you arrived safely and the pups are ok!!!

    Miss you already.LOVE, MOM

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Sammi’s new! Looking forward to the pics, snakes and all, from your time at TREES! Have an exciting and safe time there! Cuddles for Eva 🙂


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