Snakes: Do they prefer hot coffee or iced?

Probably hot, but I could be biased. To be serious, snake behavior is a mystery and there has been little research conducted on the subject. Almost nothing is understood about what snakes actually do with their time. Like all animals they eat, mate, sleep, etc… but what about their social life?  Yes, social life. Are they completely solitary creatures or do they prefer the company of others? Do they take care of their young? If so, how long? Some forward thinking scientists have begun to unravel the mystery of snake behavior and have discovered fascinating revelations about these highly misunderstood animals. Inspired by this work, I thought I would see what the snakes are up to in Belize.


How does one study snake behavior? Well first, you gotta’ find some snakes. Ask and you will receive: Approximately four sheds were discovered today. Luckily I did not have to go far as they found on the main property of the field station.


Snake skin ahoy! As snakes grow they shed their skin in one piece at various times of the year. One shed was from a Tiger Tree Snake, Spilotes pullatus, and three others belonged to a resident Indigo (aka Cribo), Drymarchon melanurus. The Indigo lives under one of the structures at TREES so we placed two time lapse cameras along corridors where the snake(s) may pass.


Why time lapse? Snakes may not move very much in a day and time lapse photography allows scientists to record their behavior for HOURS and then speed it up on the computer. Pretty cool, eh? Unfortunately these cameras only work during the day. However this is fine as the Indigo is a diurnal species, meaning it is active during the day. In the morning I will reset them and hopefully we’ll catch some morning snake action on camera.


Fingers crossed, we’ll see what we find!


I just realized that there were no animals featured in this entry. So please enjoy these two cheeky grasshoppers who decided to take residence in my coffee cup.


2 thoughts on “Snakes: Do they prefer hot coffee or iced?

  1. A snake just slipped across my path in the rain yesterday. A year since I saw one at our front door. What do they do in their spare time! Love the hoppers!


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