3C to 27C in 24 hours: It’s good to be back in Mesoamerica


Timeline: In September I left California to temporarily manage a tropical research station and travel through Belize and Guatemala. Two weeks ago I left Belize and returned to California. I spent ten days consolidating my life into a backpack and said goodbye to the United States. Yesterday I flew into Mexico and Cancún welcomed me back into Mesoamerica with warm, delightfully humid arms. As a primate, I do not reside in the cold with much enthusiasm.


Why am I back in the tropics? Opportunity calls and I am seeking adventure, personal growth, and the next step in my professional career. I need to be in Belize by the 19th, so originally I was going to bounce out of Cancún as soon as possible and head to Tulum. Apparently Tulum is a pretty amazing place and I would need more than one day to check it out. When I arrived in Mexico I decided to just head straight to Belize from the Cancún airport via the ADO night bus. For travelers: Once you’re leaving the airport, head out to the ADO kiosk, take a bus to Centro Cancún, and once you arrive at the main terminal then purchase your ticket to Belize. However, I highly recommend you buy your ticket in advance because the tickets were sold out for the day. No worries. I bought my ticket for the next day and headed to a nearby hostel, Mundo Joven. This hostel is located a couple of blocks from the bus terminal and is smack dab in the heart of downtown Cancún. I highly recommend it as it’s clean, the rooms are quiet, and the staff are really fun and friendly. Plus it is far away from all the resorts… and they have a sweet Foosball table.


In one photo you can see my personal belongings in a nutshell (or backpack shell?). One day I will expend the energy and type out what all is concealed within the tomb that is my backpack. One day. Basically I have the large pack, small day pack, sandals, running shoes, clothing, cameras, computer, headlamps, tropical survival-kinda-gear, and the “time killaz” or TKZ for short. What is a TKZ? These are things that I use to occupy time in a positive way. I am always working to enhance myself mentally, physically, or emotionally and the TKZ’s help me with that quest. I brought a lot TKZ’s on the trip, which included: books, journal, Bansuri flute, harmonica, juggling balls, and poi. Oh, what is missing from the photo are my rubber boots. Those are waiting for me at the research station.

But back to poi.

Stuck in a hostel? Twirl some poi.


Hours, upon hours, of my life have been spent twirling these magical eco-friendly devices. Poi is a fascinating art and were once a weapon of choice by the Maori of New Zealand. Basically it is a cord with a light (fire or glow light) at one end that is used to spin in various ways that create illustrious patterns and shapes. Poi are perfect for working out, experiencing a cool show, and making new friends… because everyone wants to learn how to twirl. They’re incredible and in combination with a nice camera, you get some pretty sweet visuals.



Quick note about being vegan in Cancún: In case you’re new to the world of Starkey, I am vegan. I live my life in order to do the least amount of harm as possible so I do not eat animals, wear animals, or use products tested on animals. When traveling to a meat lovin’ country, one can discover that finding sustenance is sometimes an ordeal and so I like to report back to the interwebs about my experiences being vegan in “X” country. In Cancún there are vegan and veg-friendly restaurants all over and I didn’t try any of them. I have no excuse except that I am in town for 24 hours and I got hit with lack of motivation. No vegan joints were near the hostel so I stayed local. When in doubt, hit the street. When traveling the street food is always close by and it is quite easy to get quality, cheap vegan street food after a short conversation is conducted between yourself and the food-seller about being vegan. Long story short, it should be known that Cancún is super vegan friendly.

Until next time, save the frogs from Señor Frogs.



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