Moments: Smilisca cyanosticta

Smilisca cyanosticta

Moments: A pair of calling Blue Spotted Tree Frogs, Smilisca cyanosticta, in Belize, Central America. It is great to see this breeding activity as according to the IUCN this species is becoming increasingly threatened by extinction. Typically they breed in tree hollows and small, shallow ponds. However, these individuals were found calling in a pool of water that collected in a flipped over, rusted metal truck bed. Life finds a way.

Smilisca cyanosticta

What are Moments? A moment is a brief period of time that often reflect importance. Whether it is a feeling, a sunset, or a sensation, we all experience moments that shape our futures. Hopefully this moment I share with you will allow you to reflect on the moments you experience in your own life.


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