Magical Manatee Moments

manatee conservation

I don’t always cuddle manatees, but when I do… I do it with style!

Notice that large, inflatable deer in the pool with the two manatees? It acts as their surrogate mother when we’re not in the pool with them. The two manatee juveniles, Mitch and Lucky, are orphans but they are on the road to recovery and will be released back out into the wild in the future.

manatee conservation

Lucky on the left and Mitch on the right… chewing on my suit.

Mitch is a bit of a manatee celebrity sensation right now. I was at Wildtracks the day he was brought in and his story is now being spread around the globe. This manatee has gone viral:

manatee conservation

Khalessi, another manatee at Wildtracks, is on her way to recovery and will soon be released.

Magical manatee moments aside, the wildlife rehabilitation center at Wildtracks is absolutely incredible. The last couple of weeks here have been truly inspiring. Please learn more about how these wonderful people rehabilitate wildlife and get them back out into the wild:



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