Help Us Save Benny’s Life

manatee conservation
Earlier this week, a manatee was seriously injured by a boat and was brought to Wildtracks​. Dubbed “Benny”, this poor manatee’s body is littered with scars from being hit by boats in the past, but this current wound is potentially life threatening. Since Benny’s arrival, the dedicated team at Wildtracks​ has been monitoring this animal’s health 24 hours a day. Benny has a long road to recovery.

Wildtracks​ has successfully saved the lives of manatees before, but they depend on our support to continue these efforts. If you love manatees and care about conservation, please help us save Benny’s life. This manatee and others at Wildtracks​ need expensive medications, constant surveillance, ample supplies of milk, and much more. The costs are endless. You can donate and learn more about the manatees at Wildtracks​ here:



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