Moments: Plastics = Pollution

plastic and wildlife
This morning we discovered a boa constrictor trapped in a plastic container. Fortunately we found it early enough before any harm was done. It was gently restrained, rescued, and then released into the forest.

Plastic products can be incredibly dangerous for wildlife so please try and reduce your consumption, reuse it if possible, and recycle it as a last resort. Also, watch this to learn more about the problem with plastics:

plastic and wildlife
What are Moments? A moment is a brief period of time that often reflect importance. Whether it is a feeling, a sunset, or a sensation, we all experience moments that shape our futures. Hopefully this moment I share with you will allow you to reflect on the moments you experience in your own life.


One thought on “Moments: Plastics = Pollution

  1. It is so important that we pay attention to the world around us in our day to day life, and that we make conscious decisions to live in harmony with our natural world.


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