More Awareness for California Tiger Salamanders!

Fences, dams, roads, and other developments are among the leading causes of wildlife habitat fragmentation, according to a new report released today by the Endangered Species Coalition. The report, No Room to Roam: 10 American Species in Need of Connectivity and Corridors, highlights ten rare or endangered species that lack safe, navigable corridors to connect them to important habitat or other populations. SAVE THE FROGS! nominated the California Tiger Salamander because their migrations are impeded by habitat destruction and road mortalities. The full report, along with a slideshow, links to photos and species-specific info can be viewed and downloaded from the Coalition’s website.
California Tiger SalamanderHow to help these Salamanders: One of the simplest and most impactful things we can do is to watch out for migrating salamanders as they cross the roads! Millions of amphibians are run over by cars every year, so it is our duty to give a brake for these amazing amphibians when we see them on the roads. Support the conservation efforts of SAVE THE FROGS! We are working to save these species from extinction by bringing awareness to their plight and educating the public about the importance of amphibians and their habitats.

Special Thanks: Thanks to Endangered Species Coalition and all of the ESC member groups around the nation that submitted nominations and have worked tirelessly on this report. Thank you all for you great work!



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