This Holiday Season: Choose compassion not unnecessary consumption!


The holiday season is a time to be thankful, spend time with loved ones, and to gorge ourselves into a comatose state of ecstasy. However, to some species on our planet this is not a time to be thankful, but rather to be terrified! Did you know that each year during the Thanksgiving holiday over 45 million turkeys are killed? The reality is that this mass slaughter is rarely (if ever) thought about by the consumer who goes to the store to buy their Thanksgiving meal. This thoughtless act of consumption is not only cruel, but the production of poultry is destroying the planet. It reminds me of a time when a few years ago I went around town to spread some awareness about the unfortunate truth behind this holiday in local supermarkets in my neighborhood.

First though, how do these animals even get to the grocery store? In December of 2013 I witnessed a sad sight. I discovered a Foster Farms transportation truck near Selma, CA on California State Route 99. I filmed it. The turkeys were crammed together into small cages and you can see how they are forced to endure the harsh conditions. The temperature was 28F. This is just a small part of what these animals are subjected to everyday on factory farms.

Off to the slaughterhouse. Off to the market. Off to the consumer. So, education is necessary!


While many might see a bin full of turkeys as dinner, I see it as a graveyard. That’s the problem. Most people have become disconnected from their food and do not realize what it takes to get that turkey to their dinner plate.




Hopefully this simple act encourages supermarket patrons to choose compassion over unnecessary consumption.

Looking for holiday recipes?
Check out the Post Punk Kitchen for all your vegan needs!

Spending the holidays with the family?
Here’s some mildly inappropriate humor and good information to help you cope.

Happy a happy holiday and go vegan!




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